Contract number


Contact person
Dionisios Pnevmatikatos

Community contribution
2.8 M€

Start date
September 1st, 2011

36 months

FASTER project on CORDIS

Seventh Framework Programme
Facilitating Analysis and Synthesis Technologies for Effective Reconfiguration
Public Deliverables
  • D1.1 Requirements of FASTER Applications [.pdf]
  • D1.2 Requirements of FASTER models, methods and tools [.pdf]
  • D1.3 Definition of Evaluation Criteria [pdf]
  • D2.4 Micro-reconfigurable core generation tool [pdf]
  • D2.7 Final release of the prototype baseline static scheduler [pdf]
  • D3.2 Verification procedure of static and dynamic aspects of reconfigurable designs [pdf]
  • D3.3: Hardware support for Efficient Dynamic Reconfiguration [pdf]
  • D3.4: Efficient reconfiguration procedure for micro-reconfigurations [pdf]
  • D3.7: Verification automation and tool integration [pdf]
  • D4.3 Configuration Scheduler Requirements and Basic Functionality [pdf]
  • D4.6 Final reconfiguration manager evaluation [pdf]
  • D5.6 Final evaluation (2nd increment) [pdf]
  • D6.1 FASTER Project Press Release [pdf]
  • D6.2 FASTER e-mail reflector, Web site and FTP site [pdf]
  • D6.6 FASTER Results Press Release [pdf]
  • D7.5 Final Project Report [pdf]